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The first two months of this year have been quite a whirlwind! Not only have we made the transition on to e3 Europe team, but we have hit the ground running with training, planning for and learning about the ministry in Europe, networking and local outreach.  Cedar Ridge Christian Church hosted a Level 1 & 2 T4T training in late January. This was part of an initiative in cooperation with multiple denominations across the city to launch No Place Left Tulsa.  Tony was part of the swarm training (the name they use when there are multiple teachers) and there were approximately 250 people in attendance. One of the neatest things about these training sessions, is actually going out into the harvest and sharing the Gospel!

                                  Tony teaching the Three Thirds Bible Study Method

                            Lisa participating in the sharing our testimony in 30 seconds

In late January, Tony attended the Mid-Level T4T training in Stuart Florida. This wa…