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Seeds of Hope: The Journey has Begun

Seeds of Hope: The Journey has Begun As we prepared to lead our first mission team to Northern Ireland, we were not exactly sure what to expect, but we knew if anything was going to happen, God was going to have to show up. And as always, God did not disappoint. Our National Director, Andrew Clements put it this way: "Sometimes people want to know, "if you pray and share the gospel in the streets and homes of Northern Ireland what kind of people will you be sharing with? Here's some of the people we met with last week: Pensioners, young people, Catholics, protestants, atheists, agnostics, drug addicts, alcoholics, paramilitaries, the terminally ill, Irish, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, German, people involved in cults, people who believe in reincarnation, people who have been victims of child abuse, new mothers, single men, the wealthy, and the name a few! Thank God that the one gospel we have, is good news for al…