Giving Thanks! 2017

Finding words to describe 2017 is almost impossible for us. Things have progressed so quickly, so amazingly, that many times throughout the last twelve months we have found ourselves utterly speechless before God. Churches in Ireland are catching a vision for reaching their homeland, discipleship training is continually taking place, many churches/ministries here in Tulsa are uniting to reach our city and state. Our e3 Team Ireland has grown to include eight North American field staff and the members of our mission teams are falling in love with Ireland and having their hearts broken for its spiritual state, just like we knew they would! We also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in June by spending a couple days in Venice, Italy after our May trip.

We want to thank all of you who continue to partner with us through your praying, going and giving; we could not do this without you...we truly are grateful for your partnership. It is not too late to make a year end donation or to b…

How Do You Eat an Elephant

How Do You Eat an Elephant?
One Bite at a Time!
(No Elephants were harmed in the writing of this newsletter) e3's strategy for Ireland is '32 by 32' and while this seems like an impossible task, we know that God is able to accomplish it. We've just returned from our latest expedition, serving with the Transformation Center, a church in Lisburn, N. Ireland, and we feel like we have taken another bite out of this elephant-sized vision. God assembled 16 amazing people to produce our largest and most diverse team we've had the privilege of leading.

Time well spent...
The team was blessed to worship with the Transformation Center on Sunday morning and held a training for the church that evening, Monday through Friday we went out into the harvest (going into the community to share the gospel), serving in the local Lisburn area and also went back to the Twinbrook community in W. Belfast (an area that not many ministries are willing to go to because of their troubled past).  …

Mission Poland 2017

In addition to Ireland, we are also working to open up an e3 country strategy for Poland.  This was the second trip to Poland and it was a great success.  Matt, one of our country leaders, made arrangements for us to work with his home church in Bedzin.  Each morning at 9 am we would train the trainer and then from 11-1 pm, the trained trainer would train the team (that sounds like a whole lot of training, right).  After lunch we would go out into the harvest (the harvest is anyplace we can encounter people: parks, apartments, neighborhoods, etc.).  We spend most of our time in communities surrounding the church.  We were able to have 129 gospel conversations and 49 of those were people who wanted to know more and continue the conversation at another time.  Four of those were willing to meet and study the Bible.  All in all we were very excited that in one week we could accomplish so much for the Kingdom.  There is a lot of follow up work now for our Polish team now that we have left…

How to be Strategic in Short-Term Missions

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Bryan Entzminger on the Engaging Missions podcast.  If you have the time check it out:

Preparing Laborers

It is truly exciting to have a front row seat on what God is doing in Ireland. Continually, we meet so many people who have been praying for Ireland, have become burdened for the state of the country or feel God calling them to go into the difficult field that is the Emerald Isle and share the life-giving, life-transforming message of Jesus Christ. Our Lord told us to in Luke 10:2, "So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields" (NLT). This is something we do daily and ask you to pray with us and we are overjoyed to give this praise report. Last evening, fourteen members of Christ Church, as well as the head minister, attended a 411 Discipleship training conducted by our very own e3 National Director Andrew Clements in Kilkeel. Everyone loved it and another training has been set for next Thursday for more members to attend. It is our prayer that several people will help Andrew lead the training. In order to reach the whole…

Seeds of Hope: The Journey has Begun

Seeds of Hope: The Journey has Begun As we prepared to lead our first mission team to Northern Ireland, we were not exactly sure what to expect, but we knew if anything was going to happen, God was going to have to show up. And as always, God did not disappoint. Our National Director, Andrew Clements put it this way: "Sometimes people want to know, "if you pray and share the gospel in the streets and homes of Northern Ireland what kind of people will you be sharing with? Here's some of the people we met with last week: Pensioners, young people, Catholics, protestants, atheists, agnostics, drug addicts, alcoholics, paramilitaries, the terminally ill, Irish, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, German, people involved in cults, people who believe in reincarnation, people who have been victims of child abuse, new mothers, single men, the wealthy, and the name a few! Thank God that the one gospel we have, is good news for al…