Preparing Laborers

It is truly exciting to have a front row seat on what God is doing in Ireland. Continually, we meet so many people who have been praying for Ireland, have become burdened for the state of the country or feel God calling them to go into the difficult field that is the Emerald Isle and share the life-giving, life-transforming message of Jesus Christ. Our Lord told us to in Luke 10:2, "So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields" (NLT). This is something we do daily and ask you to pray with us and we are overjoyed to give this praise report. Last evening, fourteen members of Christ Church, as well as the head minister, attended a 411 Discipleship training conducted by our very own e3 National Director Andrew Clements in Kilkeel. Everyone loved it and another training has been set for next Thursday for more members to attend. It is our prayer that several people will help Andrew lead the training. In order to reach the whole…

Seeds of Hope: The Journey has Begun

Seeds of Hope: The Journey has Begun As we prepared to lead our first mission team to Northern Ireland, we were not exactly sure what to expect, but we knew if anything was going to happen, God was going to have to show up. And as always, God did not disappoint. Our National Director, Andrew Clements put it this way: "Sometimes people want to know, "if you pray and share the gospel in the streets and homes of Northern Ireland what kind of people will you be sharing with? Here's some of the people we met with last week: Pensioners, young people, Catholics, protestants, atheists, agnostics, drug addicts, alcoholics, paramilitaries, the terminally ill, Irish, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, German, people involved in cults, people who believe in reincarnation, people who have been victims of child abuse, new mothers, single men, the wealthy, and the name a few! Thank God that the one gospel we have, is good news for al…

Being Practitioners in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth

Being missionaries, it is easy to say we're doing enough in our overseas work in Ireland and Poland, but God says we are to make disciples as we go, where we are at, baptizing and teaching them to obey. Our desire is to be used of God in our Jerusalem (Tulsa, OK), as well as in Ireland and Poland. We've had the privilege of training over 300 people in the Tulsa area and 11 churches. Recently, we began a partnership with Southern Hill Baptist Church and P61 Ministry to take the gospel and make disciples in London Square Apartments. In the past two months, we have had six professions of faith, two homes open up for bible study and today we had the privilege of baptizing Adam and Kimberley. May God continue to give the increase as we seek to advance His Kingdom.

Ireland: Beauty and the Beast!

When you look at Ireland you will no doubt see beauty: beauty in its landscape and beauty in its cultural heritage, but beneath this beauty the country is spiritually dead. For the most part, the country has abandoned their Christian heritage and has become a secular society. But where there is crisis, there is also opportunity. The gospel still brings life and transformation, which is why I am excited about doing ministry in Ireland. The aim of my most recent trip was to meet with other ministry leaders working in Ireland to establish a coalition and develop a strategy for reaching all of Ireland and to also do a Four Fields Church Planting training, in Kilkeel, Co. Down, in preparation for our team that will be there in May.
     Andrew Clements, our e3 National Director, and I met with Ireland ministry leaders from the International Mission Board and Missionaries from Greater European Missions in Dublin. We discussed the many challenges of doing ministry in Ireland, but, again, …

St. Patrick's Calling

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!  Today is the day we celebrate all things green, or Irish, or the day Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, or perhaps it’s just a good excuse to have a good time.  Many don’t really know why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, nor do they really know St. Patrick.  The day is a day to honor the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick and his accomplishments as a missionary who was successful in firmly establishing the Christian faith in Ireland.  That is correct, St. Patrick is not Irish, or at least it’s not the place of his birth.  He was born in England, though no one is exactly sure which part of England, but it is known that Patrick was kidnapped as a teen and brought to Ireland as a slave.  After escaping and going home, Patrick was so burdened for the Irish people that he returned to bring the gospel and establish the Christian faith to Ireland. In his Confession, Patrick wrote "Christ my Master has commanded me to stay in Ireland for the rest …

For Such A Time As This: Embracing Our Moment to Rise

e3 Team Ireland and Team Poland at the conference in Texas. Front row: Mateusz Kertowski, Tony. Back left to right: Olivia Caruthers, Robyn Caruthers, Tomek Bogowski, Lisa, Andrew Clements"In the whirlwind of change facing our globe, God is doing something unprecedented.  As the Church, we stand on the cusp of our next great turning point.  A once-in-a-generation moment is here. God is opening doors to serve and advance His Gospel.  It has never been more important - or possible - to rise and make a tangible impact on real issues that affect real people."
For Such A Time As This was the theme for our recent e3 Partners International Conference. When we read the story of Esther, we see that God had placed her in just the right place at just the right time to be able to make a difference for her people. But we also see Mordecai warning her that if she wouldn't act, God would bring liberation and deliverance from another place, however, she and her family would still perish …