On the banks of the River Eske sits Donegal Castle.
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So many people are searching. They are searching for meaning, purpose, value, and love. When you engage with people in spiritual conversations, this truth becomes apparent. People get addicted to various things, become workaholics, join gangs, or get involved in unhealthy or unhelpful habits trying to fill the void in their lives. As believers in Jesus, we know that only He can fill that void. This is why it is crucial for us as His ambassadors to "go" and tell people about Him.

Our week in County Donegal was unlike any trip we've had before. It poured every single day! We usually have rainy days, but this was cats and dogs! However, we were able to get out in the community and pray for people and share the Good News of Jesus. 

Tony and I spoke to a young man who was sitting next to us in a restaurant. He was reading a book by Eckhart Tolle, so starting a conversation was easy. This young man, we will call him "S", grew up in an openly atheist home and was questioning the values of his upbringing. When we asked him how he liked the book, he said it was interesting and asked if we had read it. We told him we were Christians and did not agree with the worldview of Tolle because much of what Tolle says comes from a man-centered, self-help perspective.  He was very intrigued and asked for clarification. We walked through a gospel presentation that pointed out that all of our self-help will end in disaster, and what God did for us, we could not do for ourselves. We told him all about Jesus. While he didn't make a profession of faith, we encouraged him to read through the gospels, particularly John.

We spoke to a woman, we will her call "T", who was waiting for a bus. She genuinely wanted to know if we had always believed in Jesus and if not, how did we come to believe it as truth, so we shared our testimonies with her. She told us she had visited churches before searching for "something" but found them to be unwelcoming and she didn't feel she was wanted there. Sadly, our conversation was cut short as her bus had arrived

Please pray for "S" and "T" for the truth we shared with them to find root in their hearts. For both to realize how loved and valued they are by Jesus and that He has a wonderful purpose for their lives. 

There was an upside to all the rain; we got to spend a lot of time with Irish believers to encourage them and to be encouraged by them. We were treated to fabulous dinners in homes and spent an evening worshiping the Lord, sharing testimonies, and praying for one another.  It was so meaningful and such an immense blessing to be able to spend some of our time this way.

Breaking bread and enjoying fellowship at Theresa's home.
An evening of worship, testimonies, and prayer at The Mustard Seed community tearoom.
Sisters in Christ praying for one another.
The team with our national partner, John, and his family, outside our lovely accommodations called Living Waters. 
Prayer Requests:

- For all the conversations we had in Ireland.
- For Willow Bend church in Plano as they plan their church Ireland trip for Summer 2024
- My upcoming trip to Greece in November. Pray for more laborers. We currently have a team of 4.
- Tony and I are moving to Little Rock, Arkansas in September as Tony has taken a position at a church there. Please pray for all the moving logistics and a smooth transition into a new city.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. I say it often, I love what I do and I could not do it without your partnership.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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