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Poland Update

Poland Update...      We had  a great time in Poland, though the weather was cold with some rain, God was visibly on the move in Poland.  Though we were a small team we were able to accomplish some amazing things, only by the power of God, of course!  We held a training each day from 10 AM-Noon, then we went to a local University campus to do prayer walking while looking for opportunities to share the gospel.  We talked with 95 people, prayed for 58, shared the gospel with 53 and had 10 people make professions of faith in Jesus Christ. There were also three groups that were willing to meet for weekly Bible study to start the discipleship process in the goal to start forming the identity of a healthy church.  While this is exciting, the most exciting thing was the passion exhibited by our Polish leaders.  There were about 16 Polish leaders trained and we are confident that the work will continue on without us, which is always our goal. Our expeditions are never about what we can accom…