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Brokenness and a Pub of Peace

Twilight in Lisburn, Northern Ireland Five days in West Belfast Most of the time, when we tell people we go to Ireland to share the Gospel, they are generally confused at first because most believe missions is mostly needed in countries where there is "abject poverty." However, as I have recently told someone, the most abject poverty there is in the world, is a life without knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior, no matter one's nationality. Human brokenness is everywhere and when people come to Ireland with us, they see first hand how desperate Ireland is in need of the Gospel.

In September, our team knocked on roughly 1200-1500 doors, spoke to around 600-700 people and encountered sickness, suicide, crime, para-military involvement, domestic abuse, divorce...a wide range of human brokenness. 106 of those people opened up their lives to allow us to pray for them, 64 Gospel presentations were shared and Andrew has 25 people who would like for someone to call back.

Some of the m…

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