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Jesus Changes Everything

  "God works powerfully in the wake of intense suffering." Jim Shannon, CEO e3 Partners At our latest e3 Town Hall, our CEO, Jim Shannon, shared some praises about what has been going on in the world. We often say "God is still moving" but to hear stories and see pictures is so incredible. Here are a few praises I wanted to share with you: In Southern California, several hundred baptisms have taken place, many of those baptized have turned from hardcore witchcraft/occult to the Lord Jesus. They even brought their old occult books and had a book burning ceremony. Two people groups in Northern India have reported people coming to Christ...these are the  first known  believers in  both  of these people groups. Church planters in Southern India have been praying for and reached out to a unreached, unengaged people group in a Muslim village and a large majority of the village have put their faith in Christ. In one service, 180 baptisms took place. God never, ever ceases

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