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Tempus Fugit

Visiting Tiananmen Square On our way back from doing NPL vision casting in Japan last month, we had to overnight in Beijing China. So, we took advantage of taking a quick tour of the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. As we strolled through the world's largest square, our guide mentioned that the famous protests were 30 years ago. Wait! What? Lisa quickly consulted Google to verify this fact because we couldn't believe it was that long ago. Indeed, it has been 30 years. In December 20 years ago, the world was caught up in the fray of Y2K...remember that craziness? And this very week 4 years ago, we arrived in Ireland for the first time. While we had nothing but a few days of vacationing and sightseeing in mind, God had other plans for us. He used a conversation we had with our driver on route from the airport to our b&b to change our lives and the direction of our ministry. We had never thought of ministry in Ireland before but now it's difficult to b…

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