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2016 Year End Newsletter

A Year of Transition It is very difficult to believe 2016 is almost over. This has been a year of much transition and one of new opportunities. We have watched God do incredible things both in ministry and personally, that we continue to just stand in absolute awe of Him. He is truly a good, good Father! Thank you for your partnership in praying, giving and going.  We can't serve in ministry without you and we also know that 2017 will present many opportunities to serve our God and King. Ireland Needs the Gospel
Republic of Ireland   Northern Ireland Population: 4.8 million                                             Population: 1.8 million Evangelical Christian: 0.47% (Aontas)                    Evangelical Christian: 8%                                                                                  (NILTS 2004) Less than half of one percent of the Republic of Ireland are Born Again, Evangelical Christians. It is time for the gospel roots of Ireland to be awoken! The Celtic Chri…