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Being Practitioners in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth

Being missionaries, it is easy to say we're doing enough in our overseas work in Ireland and Poland, but God says we are to make disciples as we go, where we are at, baptizing and teaching them to obey. Our desire is to be used of God in our Jerusalem (Tulsa, OK), as well as in Ireland and Poland. We've had the privilege of training over 300 people in the Tulsa area and 11 churches. Recently, we began a partnership with Southern Hill Baptist Church and P61 Ministry to take the gospel and make disciples in London Square Apartments. In the past two months, we have had six professions of faith, two homes open up for bible study and today we had the privilege of baptizing Adam and Kimberley. May God continue to give the increase as we seek to advance His Kingdom.

Ireland: Beauty and the Beast!

When you look at Ireland you will no doubt see beauty: beauty in its landscape and beauty in its cultural heritage, but beneath this beauty the country is spiritually dead. For the most part, the country has abandoned their Christian heritage and has become a secular society. But where there is crisis, there is also opportunity. The gospel still brings life and transformation, which is why I am excited about doing ministry in Ireland. The aim of my most recent trip was to meet with other ministry leaders working in Ireland to establish a coalition and develop a strategy for reaching all of Ireland and to also do a Four Fields Church Planting training, in Kilkeel, Co. Down, in preparation for our team that will be there in May.
     Andrew Clements, our e3 National Director, and I met with Ireland ministry leaders from the International Mission Board and Missionaries from Greater European Missions in Dublin. We discussed the many challenges of doing ministry in Ireland, but, again, …