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Lisa's new role, gearing up for 2019 and Merry Christmas!

Thankful as we look back and ahead...
Once again as we close another year, we look back with praise and thanksgiving to all that God has brought into 2018 and look ahead with praise and excitement at what He has planned for us in 2019.

Lisa's New Role:
This fall, Lisa was made a Senior Trip Leader and starting in January, she will be the Implementation Director for Ireland. So what does this all mean? Our plan is to be in Ireland about 3-4 times in 2019, and Tony will focus on training leaders and Lisa will take over a larger role in team development and overseeing implementation of the country strategy.

We continued to train churches and equipped them for both local and global ministry. The opportunities that exist in Houston have us very excited as it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the nation and we are actively raising up teams to reach Unreached People Groups in the area.

Plans for 2019:
The new year is fast approaching and will be filled with won…