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The most common questions

The High Celtic Cross at Monasterboise         

"So, Lisa, do you have a specific role at e3 other than helping Tony?" "Do you do anything else besides being a pastor's wife?" I get these questions a lot. Sometimes they make me chuckle and if I'm honest, sometimes they dishearten me. Whilst I do love being married to my missionary/pastor husband, my calling to be a missionary was just that, my calling. Yes, God called Tony and I to serve together, but the call was clearly on my life as well, 15 years ago.

For the past 13 years, I have been serving with e3 Partners ministry as a faith missionary. "Oh, so what do you actually do?" That is always the next question. My role is two-fold. I am a Senior Trip Leader, which means I lead teams to go share the Good News of Jesus to Ireland. There is much work that goes into leading an overseas trip:  setting and keeping within a budget, training the team for the ministry …