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Svendsen's May 2016 Ministry Update 
Greetings all, thank you for your prayers! They have been felt as we have had a busy couple months of ministry from Tulsa to Mexico to Ireland. (There and back again!)

Mexico: Tony had an opportunity to go to Rio Bravo Mexico to train a group of four pastors in methods of doing outreach and making disciples. We were able to go and implement some of the training by going door-to-door praying. During our prayer walking, we had the opportunity to pray for 11 homes, of which three opened up their homes for a Bible study and there was one person who committed their life to the Lord (Praise God!).They were very receptive to the training and we will most likely return for future training and outreach.

Ireland: Our trip to Ireland was an interesting one. We both learned a lot about the state of the church in Ireland. Starting in Dublin, we meet with Greater Europe Missions missionaries Phil and Cheryl Kingsley, who have been in Ireland for over thir…