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Mission Poland 2017

In addition to Ireland, we are also working to open up an e3 country strategy for Poland.  This was the second trip to Poland and it was a great success.  Matt, one of our country leaders, made arrangements for us to work with his home church in Bedzin.  Each morning at 9 am we would train the trainer and then from 11-1 pm, the trained trainer would train the team (that sounds like a whole lot of training, right).  After lunch we would go out into the harvest (the harvest is anyplace we can encounter people: parks, apartments, neighborhoods, etc.).  We spend most of our time in communities surrounding the church.  We were able to have 129 gospel conversations and 49 of those were people who wanted to know more and continue the conversation at another time.  Four of those were willing to meet and study the Bible.  All in all we were very excited that in one week we could accomplish so much for the Kingdom.  There is a lot of follow up work now for our Polish team now that we have left…