Mission Poland 2017


In addition to Ireland, we are also working to open up an e3 country strategy for Poland.  This was the second trip to Poland and it was a great success.  Matt, one of our country leaders, made arrangements for us to work with his home church in Bedzin.  Each morning at 9 am we would train the trainer and then from 11-1 pm, the trained trainer would train the team (that sounds like a whole lot of training, right).  After lunch we would go out into the harvest (the harvest is anyplace we can encounter people: parks, apartments, neighborhoods, etc.).  We spend most of our time in communities surrounding the church.  We were able to have 129 gospel conversations and 49 of those were people who wanted to know more and continue the conversation at another time.  Four of those were willing to meet and study the Bible.  All in all we were very excited that in one week we could accomplish so much for the Kingdom.  There is a lot of follow up work now for our Polish team now that we have left but we know they are up to the task.  One of our main goals in every trip is to make sure we train up a team that can continue the work when we leave.  As you can see from the picture above, there is a great team and they are excited to face that challenges ahead as they seek to advance God's Kingdom until there is NoPlaceLeft in Bedzin, Poland where the gospel has not been proclaimed, disciples made and there is access to healthy multiplying churches.

Story for the Harvest

On our first day out we went to a local park and we encountered Micheal.  He was sitting on a picnic table and when we asked him if we could pray for him in any way he immediately started telling us his story and how he had been dealing with depression and had some serious family problems.  We prayed for him and asked if we could share a story that had given us hope.  He responded and said, "of course!"  We share the gospel with him using the 3 circles.  It's a great way to share the gospel in a very simple yet biblical way.  He responded and said he needed to make Jesus his King.  We then shared the story of the sinful woman with him, Luke 7:36-50, and asked him what this story told us about God.  He gave some of the best answers I have heard and God was clearly speaking to him through this story.  When we asked him what he should do based on this story, he simply said, "I need to put my faith in Jesus!"  We gave Michael a Bible and he was eager to meet again to do a Bible study.  

One of the main principles in what we do is looking for persons of peace or people who God has prepared to receive and respond to the gospel.  We see many examples of this in the Scriptures but it's not always easy to convince people.  On our last day in the harvest, Asia (another one of our Polish leaders) encountered a man sitting on some tires drinking a beer.  She hesitated because her family has a history of alcoholism but she said she would put it into the hands for God to see what He would do.  She shared her testimony and then the gospel.  When Asia asked him if he would be interested in studying the Bible he asked if he would be able to ask questions and Asia said that is how we conduct our Bible studies he was thrilled.  He then asked if he could invite his family and friends.  Asia was really amazed at how God had prepared this situation and all she needed to do was step out in faith. God is amazing!  

A Time of Remembrance - Auschwitz 

With all that is going on in our world today and what's been going on locally in the states, it's always important to remember history and the lessons we can learn from it or as is said, we are doomed to repeat it.  Visiting Auschwitz was certainly a sober reminder of what depraved humanity is capable of and the world's great need for the one thing that can bring hope, the gospel.  It really helped me to reflect on why we do what we do.  The world is a dark place and it needs the light, the light that brings hope and salvation to all who will believe.

Thanks you for your prayers and support!

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