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Contending For The Faith

During our last campaign, we challenged our team to read the book of Colossians everyday. Each morning during devotional, we shared what God was speaking to each one of us. In chapter 2:1 Paul writes "I want you to know how hard I am contending for you" and that became a theme for us as we went out daily, searching for persons of peace and sharing the Gospel.

This was a great trip. God is moving in Ireland and He opened many doors for us to minister to people. The team prayed for 70 people, shared the Gospel with 58, trained 1 Believer, had 3 Discovery Bible Studies and 9 people to follow up with. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Quite often we get asked what do we do when the weather gets bad. Well, it drives you indoors but the work continues! Below: Crystal and Michael at the mall, Tony at the Kingfisher Restaurant, Jonathan at Relish Coffee House and Lisa invited in from the foul weather to have Italian coffee & chocolates whilst sharing with an Italian gentleman.Colossians also spea…