Contending For The Faith

During our last campaign, we challenged our team to read the book of Colossians everyday. Each morning during devotional, we shared what God was speaking to each one of us. In chapter 2:1 Paul writes "I want you to know how hard I am contending for you" and that became a theme for us as we went out daily, searching for persons of peace and sharing the Gospel.

This was a great trip. God is moving in Ireland and He opened many doors for us to minister to people. The team prayed for 70 people, shared the Gospel with 58, trained 1 Believer, had 3 Discovery Bible Studies and 9 people to follow up with. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Quite often we get asked what do we do when the weather gets bad. Well, it drives you indoors but the work continues! Below: Crystal and Michael at the mall, Tony at the Kingfisher Restaurant, Jonathan at Relish Coffee House and Lisa invited in from the foul weather to have Italian coffee & chocolates whilst sharing with an Italian gentleman.
Colossians also speaks about loving and supporting the Body of Christ, and we had opportunities to do that as well. Below: Abby teaching children at the Church of Ireland which has history going back to the 13th Century, training Believers at Dundalk Presbyterian and Jennifer, mother of 6, encouraging a young mother about the important season of staying home and raising godly children.
End of the second year of Ireland ministry...

Many of you have been with us from the beginning of our journey which began 12 years ago and some of you have joined us more recently...and we praise God for each and every one you. As we close out two full years of being in Ireland, we see the vision of 32 x 32 coming to fruition. Maybe not exactly like we thought, but God is piecing it together in His own unique, beautiful way! God has blessed us with 12 3/3rds groups meeting in 3 counties: Antrim, Down and Mayo (we are praying for at least one in County Louth where we just were). THANK YOU! For all of you who have prayed for us and Ireland, have given financially or have come with us...YOU have been used of God to reach Ireland!  What a lovely picture of the Body working together.

For those of you who have not yet partnered with us, would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner to reach Ireland for Christ?

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May God bless you richly through this holiday season.

In Christ,
Tony and Lisa 

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