No Place Left Oklahoma

This past Thursday evening, a group of about 16 people from various locations around Oklahoma met for dinner at a restaurant here in Tulsa. The purpose of this get together was to network, encourage and find out what God is doing around our state. Everyone there was committed to the #NoPlaceLeft movement here in Oklahoma...and what a blessing it was! In attendance were people from various walks of life: missionaries, pastors, mothers, people in job transition, blue collar workers, retirees...and each at various stages of participation in the #NoPlaceLeft movement. We were so encouraged to hear stories of the challenges and difficulties of sharing the Gospel and making disciples in the western context, but also the successes in the advancement of the Gospel. The level of commitment this small group has is wonderful! For example, one new church plant of only 8 people, have made a commitment of sharing the Gospel 250 times a month...last month, while they were very encouraged, they were also a bit disappointed that they only made 234 Gospel presentations!! Isn't that amazing! Praise God! This is the first time this group has gotten together, but we look forward to seeing how God will grow this network and how He will use it to advance His Kingdom initiative....Until there is truly, #NoPlaceLeft.

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