Summer Update


At the end of July, Tony officially stepped down from his part-time, bi-vocational position as pastor of New Life Church to focus 100% on missions and outreach. While we are at about 40% of our monthly support, we knew it was time to focus completely on what God has called us to do. This year has been amazing with all the opportunities we have had to help equip and evangelize. In June, we trained 10 people, also Tony spoke to cast vision of NPL with the TMBN (Tulsa Metro Baptist Network) which is a network of 161 Southern Baptist churches in the Tulsa area.  Many meetings have been set to do church trainings from that meeting. Our next one is August 5 & 6 at Crosspoint Baptist Church in Coweta OK.

Tony casting NoPlaceLeft vision to the
Tulsa Metro Baptist Network
It's official!!! Ireland has been approved as a country strategy for e3 Partners Ministry and Tony will serve as e3 Ireland Country Strategy Coordinator and Andrew Clements will serve as our e3 National Director.  We are so very excited and looking forward to working with Andrew and his team to train believers and reach the entire Emerald Isle for Christ! Plans are already underway to schedule trips next year, so we will keep you posted as dates are set. Please pray about going with us to proclaim Christ next year!!
Andrew Clements, the new e3 National Director of Ireland,
 and his wife Jen.  Follow Andrew on his new blog
Our partnership with Asbury United Methodist Church and their 2nd Saturday Outreach is going strong! Every month God is bringing more believers to be trained and participate in doing evangelism and prayer walking out on the streets of Tulsa. When we first began the NPL training at Asbury in May, we had one person show up. In June, she returned and brought 5 more people with her. In July, we had 17! Praise God!! Also on that Saturday, we partnered with Marvin Ward and Melanie McCallister and their ministry to the homeless in downtown Tulsa. After training, we handed out snacks &water, prayed for 37 people, shared the Gospel with 19 and had one profession of faith.

Lisa and Marvin Ward sharing the Gospel on 2nd Saturday

On July 30, Tony co-trained at Mosaic Berean Church. During the time of outreach, 9 people were prayed for and 6 people heard the Gospel as well as 2 homes opened up for home Bible study! Tony also had a really amazing encounter, this is from the NPLTulsa facebook page:

"God blessed us with a great training today at Mosaic Berean Church and good weather to go into   the harvest. Please pray for Musa and his family. After knocking on his door and asking if we could   pray for him, he requested for God to forgive his sins. We shared the gospel with him and explained that God had already made that available to him in Jesus Christ. He thanked us for sharing and said he would be interested in learning more but would need the permission of his father Rashid. They are a Muslim household but are open to learning more about Jesus. Pray that God would continue to open doors as we go back to share with Musa's father Rashid."


At the end of May, we decided our home was too quiet and we adopted a cat! We've had cats for the whole of our marriage, and since Maya passed in February, it was just not "home" without a furry friend. This time we adopted a 2 year old male with a bit of a sad history. However, he is settling in nicely and has made himself right at home. He is full of energy and ridiculously cute!

Meet Baron von Munchausen, affectionately
called "Munch"

In June we took the day off to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary by going to Oklahoma City to have dinner and see the Matisse In His Time exhibition at the OKC Museum of Art. The exhibition is on loan from Centre Pompidou in Paris and OKC is the ONLY North American venue,

Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary in
Bricktown in Oklahoma City

In July, Lisa traveled home to Indiana as her father was taken to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.  He is home and recovering with in-home Physical Therapy and nursing. Please pray for him to get back on his feet quickly.

As always, we thank you for your prayers and support! Please continue to pray as we prepare to go to Poland in October...there is still time to sign up if you want to come with us!! Also, for our continued support raising and Tony's upcoming trip to Plano TX for the e3 Leaders Summit in September. 
God Bless!!

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