Return from Ireland and Exciting News!

At Malahide Castle on our day off
Twelve years ago, we came on staff with e3 Partners! In that time, we have shared the Gospel, planted churches, trained disciples and help start an orphanage while working in countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Syria, Jordan, India, Nepal, Peru and Uganda. And of course, our recent work in Ireland as well as being part of the NoPlaceLeft network to reach Tulsa OK for Christ.  Being part of the e3 family is an amazing blessing for us! Every now and again, we comment to each other that this ministry is pretty much all we've known as a married couple. On June 3, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and if you include the several mission trips we did prior to e3 in 2004 & 2005...well, it really is what we've dedicated our lives and marriage to.  As we continue to serve Ireland with e3, God has opened another exciting door for us with Cypress Bible Church in Cypress (Houston) Texas where Tony has accepted a position as Outreach and Missions Pastor. Cypress Bible is a wonderful church that has focused almost entirely on reaching the world, both locally and globally, for Jesus. We are thrilled to have this new opportunity!

So what will change as far as us and e3? Absolutely nothing!  Tony will remain as the Strategy Director for Ireland and we will continue to lead trips to Ireland. This move will help us both to concentrate 100% on ministry, and Lisa will be able to take a larger role in developing and implementing Ireland strategy. It is all very exciting and something for which we have prayed. We will be moving over the summer and will keep you informed via our blog, Mailchimp or Facebook.

For those of you who already partner with us financially, we ask that you prayerfully consider continuing your support to help us advance the Ireland strategy. God is moving in a big way all over the island! As you all know, we just returned from leading a trip back to Lisburn NI. God used our incredible team of 15 Americans to go out into the streets and share the Gospel...we had 5 people profess Christ, 2 of those people attended church with us and 10 homes asked for someone to come back because they had further questions. And this is only the beginning....
Part of our team on the streets in Lisburn
For those of you who have not yet partnered with us, would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner to reach Ireland for Christ?

Give: Become a monthly Partner or give a one time gift:

Go: Our Next Ireland Mission Trip is November 6-13, 2018.  Here is a link with more information:

Thank you all for your partnership and prayers...we truly serve an amazing God!

In Christ,
Tony and Lisa

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