On the move

The friary on the Hill of Slane where St. Patrick lit the Paschal fire. We had the chance to visit in May.

Well, we are settled in Houston. The move from Tulsa went very smoothly as even our cat, Munchie, has adjusted well. Although it was difficult saying good-bye to friends and family, we know that God has wonderful things for us here in Texas and we look forward to continuing the work that He called us to so many years ago. With that said, we decided to hit the ground running and have already met with NPLHouston and church planting team members; we're looking forward to working alongside them to reach Houston for Christ. Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation and with the economy booming, an average of 200+ people move into the area every day! Also, Houston ranks highly in being on of the most ethnically diverse city in the country. There is so much opportunity here to reach the world by just stepping out our front door.

A lot is happening...As of this writing, we have our team from Canada on their way to County Mayo (Republic of Ireland) to share Jesus and serve the community of Ballina. As we've said before, Ireland is tough ground and this team had some obstacles to overcome, but God worked it all out and we are believing Him for a harvest in County Mayo!

Our November team is coming together and we will be leaving in just under 90 days to the Republic of Ireland this time to the town of Dundalk in County Louth. We have a well-seasoned team of 13 people so far. Please be praying for our trip, we will have the opportunity to do outreach at the small college as well as going to parks, door to door and the marketplace.

Street sculpture in Dundalk

Andrew Clements, our National Leader, has been diligently training and discipling all over the island as well as preaching from time to time at the Transformation Centre in Lisburn, NI. Of course, Andrew has worked will all our e3 North American teams in counties Down, Antrim, currently Mayo and Louth in November. But he has also been vision casting with churches and pastors in Armagh, Dublin and Wicklow. His training in Galway was also attended by believers from Cork. Four Fields and Gospel trainings held in Louth were also attended by believers from Meath and Dublin. During that training, the group went out to do Gospel sharing at the college where we will be in November. And soon, House of Peace (HOP) search will begin in Meath with David, a believer from Roscommon. The vision of 32x32 is moving forward, maybe not exactly as we thought it would, but we know God works and moves in ways we don't expect...but we praise Him for these open doors and are so happy to be a part of His work.

Another exciting thing happening is that Andrew met and is discipling a "not yet believer" who has a Muslim background. This man is in the "discovery" stages of Christianity but has offered to go out with Andrew to tell people about Jesus! Please pray for his eyes to be opened to who Jesus REALLY is and for him to put his faith in Christ. If he is willing to go out now while he is still unsure of Christianity, imagine how God will use him when he does become part of the body!

Mark your calendars for September 13 as this is e3 Giving Day 2018. Once again, all donation made on that day will be enhanced by bonus funds, meaning on September 13, every dollar is worth more! More people hearing the Gospel. More churches planted. More baptisms. More ambassadors for Christ! Mark September 13, 2018 on your calendar and go to:


Your donation will be credited to our support account, along with a portion of the bonus funds. Every gift makes an impact for the Kingdom of God!

As always, thank you for your continued partnership in praying, going and giving, we couldn't do this without you.

Until the whole world hears!!

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