The Lord has done great things for us - Psalm 126

The gang's all here in Prague for e3 Europe Regional Mid Level Training


Last week we attended the e3 Europe Regional meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. This wonderful time of training and fellowship was an incredible blessing.  e3 Europe Director, Bill Payton organized the entire group made up of e3 Executive staff, as well as e3 missionaries, pastors and trainers either from or working in Romania, Poland, Germany, England, Greece, Ireland and Czech Republic. e3's Troy Cooper, Ray Vaughn,Tom Hall and Rick Preato lead our training sessions which were not only informative but also reaffirming, both of the great challenges that face us in Europe and for the great opportunities we have for God's Kingdom work.

We were extremely blessed to have author Steve Addison challenge us with a teaching from his new book, The Rise and Fall of Movements, about how we need to remember that in order to see success in ministry, we must always return to our identity in Christ. If we lose sight of our identity, if we are not putting our relationship with Christ at the center of everything, the ministry and movement will fall. I encourage you to get a copy of his book if you haven't already!

Author Steve Addison sharing about movements
Also, we had time to spend with Andrew Clements, our Ireland National Director, to ruminate over all we had learned and brainstorming new ideas about how we will move forward with reaching Ireland for Christ and the vision of 32 X 32. Hearing from all of the laborers in Europe was encouraging and together we celebrated all that God is doing across the continent! For example, many Romanian churches have several streams of 7th generation church plants, over 1000 refugees from Muslim backgrounds were baptized and trained in the last 12 months, one former Imam is counseling 20 other Imams back in his home country via the internet...These are exciting times!!
We gave the devotional based on Psalm 126 and lead worship on day one

Tony giving brief overview of the Four Fields
With Andrew Clements, National Ireland Director and Andrew Coker who serves in England
Locally, we have been doing outreach in Houston. "C" is a gentleman we met from India who is a non-practicing Hindu. His family is still in India and he works 7 days a week but is searching and open to the things of Jesus. And "P" an unemployed man who is also open to learning more of Jesus.
**Not everyone wants their name or photo on social media. we want to be respectful, which is why we do not have photos in the newsletter**

Local outreach team sharing Jesus at Willowbrook Mall

Personally, we were blessed to visit missionaries in Uruguay in January to do a Four Fields Training and Vision Casting and have been invited to do the same in a couple Asian countries this autumn and South Africa in early 2020. 

Training and fellowship in Montevideo, Uruguay

*     Our upcoming trip back to Dundalk, Ireland in July. We've a team of 13
*     Our Ireland trip in September (there's still time to come with us!)
*     Plans/Scheduling for trips to Ireland in 2020
*     For "C" and "P" to come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord
*     More laborers to be raised up in Ireland
*     Lisa's parents who are settling into assisted living
*     Lisa's father who will be tested for dementia in July
*     Logistics for upcoming travel to Asia and S. Africa

While it has been a blessing to be in Houston it has brought some challenges to support raising.  We want to continue the work God has called us to but we can't do it alone.  We are starting a new campaign to find 100 partners to support us at $25 per month. This would make up our shortfall and be a huge blessing to the advancement of our ministry.  Would you prayerfully consider becoming one of the 100 at $25?

As always, thank you for your partnership in praying, going and giving! You are a blessing to us!!

Until there's No Place Left,
Tony and Lisa

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