Virtual trip and inspiration from Bach

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Virtual Trip:
Our first virtual trip is done and dusted. During this crazy time the world is in right now, we've had to get creative on how to engage people with the work in Ireland. While a virtual trip was not an idea we came up with, we thought it was a great one and so we gave it a go. We had 66 people register for our daily emails which consisted of a devotional, worship from Irish artists, training and other videos about history, spiritual state of Ireland, etc. as well as three Zoom calls. Over all, we had about 60% engagement and we are very please with all the positive feedback. All three of our Zoom calls were amazing, and out of our last one, God raised up some prayer warriors for Team Ireland! This has been something for which we have long prayed and God in His perfect timing answered.

Of course, it wasn't the same as actually going to Ireland but God has certainly used this last week to allow us to meet new people and share with them all the work this is being done and challenges we face.

Organizing it was as much work as organizing a physical one, just in a completely different way! While we didn't have plane delays or lost luggage to contend with, we did have a couple technical difficulties...The first word in missions is "flexibility" and our virtual team was super patient and flexible!  We are already strategizing how we can improve and possibly marry a virtual trip with an actual physical trip...our gears are turning; stay tuned.
Pictures like this are very common right now, yeah? This is a shot from our first Zoom call to introduce everyone to the ministry in Ireland. Andrew was a trooper in joining us as the calls were held at 1:00 AM his time.
Prayer Requests:

- Possibility of us going to Ireland at the end of the year if travel is possible
- Planning of our trips for 2021 for March, July and September
- More laborers in Ireland to be raised up
- Unity in the Body in Ireland, for Believer's to work together for the Kingdom
- Growth of new believers
- Strongholds in Ireland to be completely broken
- Lisa's parents as they adjust to being in a 24/7 heath care facility
- Continued wisdom for us as leaders for Team Ireland and in our other roles at e3
- A time of rest for us. Even though we have been "at home" for months, our schedules have been very full and we've been going non-stop.
The last 2 1/2 years have been extremely tough for my family. I flew home to pack my parents apartment as my dad is now in need of 24/7 care. Mom was moved after him and they had to spend 1 month apart because of being quarantined for 14 days each but at different times. It was difficult for them as they've never been apart that long in their almost 60 year marriage (it will be 60 in September).  Mom was in isolation, so I only got to see her through her window, but I was blessed to see my dad for 30 minutes outside, masked, temperature checked, waiver signed and socially distant.
Many people have been affected financially by Covid-19.  With businesses and industries closed for so many months, many have lost jobs, have had to take leave, or have had to be laid off.  Please pray for those who have been affected!  Please pray for me was well, as several of my supporters have had to take a step back.  This has left me with a monthly deficit of approximately $1000.  Would those of you who are not supporting me financially pray about starting?  Would those of you who are, pray about the possibility of increasing, even $10-$15 a month?  Would some of you pray about giving a special gift if you are able?   If the Lord leads, you can donate below:   
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Inspiration from Bach:
Yes, you read correctly, Bach, as in Johann Sebastian. I love listening to classical music and of course, we all know Bach as a composer. Many music festivals and societies bear his name. But, did you know that during his lifetime he had little commercial success, and much of his work was looked down upon? He spent most of his professional life as a music leader in churches in Germany, not in the great halls of Europe having his work adored by the masses. After his death, his music was considered archaic and out-of-date. But many years later, when his music was published, interest grew and now he is regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time. Bach was a man of God. At the end of his great compositions he wrote three Latin words "Soli Deo Gloria" which means "Glory to God alone." Sometimes he only wrote "SDG". Either way, Bach's desire was that through whatever music he may create, God alone would receive all the glory.

So, whether it be a newsletter, virtual trip, physical trip, outreach, training or whatever we are doing, our desire is to "sign" our work the same way Bach signed his:

Soli Deo Gloria,
Lisa and Tony

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