Emmanuel, God with us


Emmanuel, God with us.
What joy and comfort these words always bring. Even in uncertain times, this promise remains true. He is still with us, and He is still working! While this year didn't go as anyone planned, there were still many great things that took place.

Our very first Virtual Mission Trip took place in July and we found it to be an incredible tool for casting vision for our work in Ireland. But also from it, God raised up prayer and financial partners for our team. Our plan is to continue to use VT even after travel opens back up and we are also working on how to use this tool alongside our teams when we are actually in country.

Even in the midst of a lockdown in Ireland, God is moving in such amazing ways! Andrew is now leading groups and coaching people via Zoom in Counties Antrim, Down, Cork, Tyrone, Derry and Louth. Recently, a new 3/3rds group began with Believers in Counties Dublin and Mayo. We are also in the beginning stages of a possible partnership with New Ground Ireland which would open doors for us to work in three new Counties: Armagh, Longford and Donegal. So exciting! Please pray for this partnership to develop as it would be instrumental in moving our work further across the island.

In early summer, our e3 Europe Team began a prayer call the 2nd Friday of each month to pray specifically for all of our country strategies in Europe as well as for our National Partners. This is such a blessing and has become such a highlight for me. I look forward to it each month.

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had our e3 Kairos Summit. Like everything else this year, it was moved online, but was still great to "see" everyone and have breakout sessions to learn and be encouraged with our e3 family. Author Steve Addison was our keynote speaker and, as always, he brought us wonderful insight and encouragement from Scripture. Kairos in Greek means the right, critical or opportune moment. We tend to think the kairos moment will come when everything is going well, but sometimes it comes in hardship and 2020 has been an example of this. Steve spoke about how well the Apostle Paul models this for us in Acts 27:27-44, as Paul is imprisoned and literally being shipped off to Rome, the ship encounters turbulent waters and the life of everyone on board is threatened. Paul was able to encourage the crew that not one life would be lost, however, the ship would be destroyed. God's favor shown to Paul extended to the crew as all survived. It was truly a kairos moment.
My two foot surgeries were not something I planned this year, but it actually was probably the best time. I'm happy to report that I am, for the most part, pain free, however, I still have a lot of stiffness and tenderness in my left foot due to much scar tissue. If the tissue does not break down then it may need to be removed surgically. Please pray that I don't have to have that done. But I'm happy to be out of the surgical boot and allowed to walk and ride a bike. Even though these past few months have been extremely difficult to not be active, it has been a wonderful time of studying, praying and hearing from God. While I have discovered how truly impatient I am with not being able to get about (still a work in progress on that), I wouldn't change this time because God has just amazed me in new ways. It has been a remarkable time for spiritual and personal growth.

We are trusting that God will open the door for us to return to Ireland in 2021, so we have scheduled two trips for July 6-13 and September 8-15. I know, it is difficult to think that far ahead right now, but please pray about coming with us and seeing firsthand what God is doing in Ireland.
I say it in every email update, but I truly am so grateful to all of you who partner with me financially. While this year has been extremely tough financially for so many, God continues to provide so that I may continue to focus full time on ministry. You are all such a blessing. If you would like to make a one time gift or begin monthly partnership, please click the button below.
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Merry Christmas! May the Lord bless you all this season.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Lisa and Tony

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