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Drewstown House in County Meath. Built as a manor home in 1748, it now serves as a Christian Centre.
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Two years ago, we planned on having a conference in Ireland to vision cast and build partnerships with other believers who would want to partner with us to reach every county on the island by 2032. Of course, Covid put an end to those plans. But nothing can put an end to what the Lord has planned. As I have said before, during the harsh lockdown in Ireland, God brought people to us who also have a heart to reach their own land.

It was exciting to return to Ireland! Over the course of one weekend in October, 30 adults (along with 13 children) from 11 different counties, as well as us from Texas, gathered in the beautiful Irish countryside to focus on God's big vision for Ireland. Drawing from Scripture, we saw His vision for there to be no place, people or passion left without healthy, multiplying disciples of Jesus. Keeping things simple, biblical and reproducing, could we reach the entire island like in the region of Asia (Acts 19:8-10) and then meet up in Spain in two years time? (Rom 15:23)

On Sunday, we had church using the 3/3rds model. Afterwards, a few people said they never believed they could lead a group, but now they know they can! There were also several people that said they almost cancelled last minute because they didn't know what to expect, but they were so very glad they came and all said they wished they would have invited others to attend with them. May God provide more opportunities for weekends like this in the future! 

- For all the people who attended and caught God's Big Vision for Ireland!

- For everyone to reach out within their spheres of influence and share what they have learned
- For more opportunities elsewhere in Ireland to have more opportunities like this to train and share
It was a dark and stormy advancing storm on our first night at Drewstown.
South Africa
As I write this, we are 90 days away from our first mission trip to South Africa and well into training Stacie R. to be a leader for the e3 South Africa team. God has put together a team of 9 people to not only share the Gospel in the township of Motherwell, but also to do some community transformation through baking training, theological training to Veritas students, ministry to women and also to help mentor pre-school teachers. This is a very special team as the 7 people coming with us have all had a heart for Africa for a very long time and are all so grateful to be serving God where He has called them. I'm looking forward to leading this team and getting Stacie trained and launched as an e3 Team Leader.

- For the team God has assembled

- For all the logistics to go smoothly
- For the Holy Spirit to go before us and prepare hearts to receive us
- Unity for the team
- For continued wisdom in training new staff members

This past 18 months has had a financial hit on everyone, but our God is so faithful! Currently, I am at 53% of my monthly goal of $2500. Would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly financial partner and join me in the work in Ireland as well as training other e3 staff to minister in various locations around the globe? I am praying for God to raise up:
25 people at $25/month, 5 people at $50/month and 3 at $100/month
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Thank you for all your prayers and partnership. It is such an exciting time to be alive and serving our WONDERFUL LORD! He truly is doing amazing things in our day!

Sola Deo Gloria,

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