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The Lord has done great things for us - Psalm 126

The gang's all here in Prague for e3 Europe Regional Mid Level Training Last week we attended the e3 Europe Regional meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. This wonderful time of training and fellowship was an incredible blessing.  e3 Europe Director, Bill Payton organized the entire group made up of e3 Executive staff, as well as e3 missionaries, pastors and trainers either from or working in Romania, Poland, Germany, England, Greece, Ireland and Czech Republic. e3's Troy Cooper, Ray Vaughn,Tom Hall and Rick Preato lead our training sessions which were not only informative but also reaffirming, both of the great challenges that face us in Europe and for the great opportunities we have for God's Kingdom work.

We were extremely blessed to have author Steve Addison challenge us with a teaching from his new book, The Rise andFall of Movements, about how we need to remember that in order to see success in ministry, we must always return to our identity in Christ. If we lose sight …

The most common questions

The High Celtic Cross at Monasterboise         

"So, Lisa, do you have a specific role at e3 other than helping Tony?" "Do you do anything else besides being a pastor's wife?" I get these questions a lot. Sometimes they make me chuckle and if I'm honest, sometimes they dishearten me. Whilst I do love being married to my missionary/pastor husband, my calling to be a missionary was just that, my calling. Yes, God called Tony and I to serve together, but the call was clearly on my life as well, 15 years ago.

For the past 13 years, I have been serving with e3 Partners ministry as a faith missionary. "Oh, so what do you actually do?" That is always the next question. My role is two-fold. I am a Senior Trip Leader, which means I lead teams to go share the Good News of Jesus to Ireland. There is much work that goes into leading an overseas trip:  setting and keeping within a budget, training the team for the ministry …