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Lisa's new role, gearing up for 2019 and Merry Christmas!

Thankful as we look back and ahead...
Once again as we close another year, we look back with praise and thanksgiving to all that God has brought into 2018 and look ahead with praise and excitement at what He has planned for us in 2019.

Lisa's New Role:
This fall, Lisa was made a Senior Trip Leader and starting in January, she will be the Implementation Director for Ireland. So what does this all mean? Our plan is to be in Ireland about 3-4 times in 2019, and Tony will focus on training leaders and Lisa will take over a larger role in team development and overseeing implementation of the country strategy.

We continued to train churches and equipped them for both local and global ministry. The opportunities that exist in Houston have us very excited as it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the nation and we are actively raising up teams to reach Unreached People Groups in the area.

Plans for 2019:
The new year is fast approaching and will be filled with won…

Contending For The Faith

During our last campaign, we challenged our team to read the book of Colossians everyday. Each morning during devotional, we shared what God was speaking to each one of us. In chapter 2:1 Paul writes "I want you to know how hard I am contending for you" and that became a theme for us as we went out daily, searching for persons of peace and sharing the Gospel.

This was a great trip. God is moving in Ireland and He opened many doors for us to minister to people. The team prayed for 70 people, shared the Gospel with 58, trained 1 Believer, had 3 Discovery Bible Studies and 9 people to follow up with. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Quite often we get asked what do we do when the weather gets bad. Well, it drives you indoors but the work continues! Below: Crystal and Michael at the mall, Tony at the Kingfisher Restaurant, Jonathan at Relish Coffee House and Lisa invited in from the foul weather to have Italian coffee & chocolates whilst sharing with an Italian gentleman.Colossians also spea…

It's finally here! e3 Giving Day!

Ha'penney Bridge over the River Liffey in Dublin How can you use your God-given gifts and resources to make an impact for His Kingdom? Let us introduce you to e3 Partners! All online donations given to e3 Partners today, September 13th, will be enhanced by a $100,000 pool of bonus funds, enhancing your impact! Partner with us as we work to make a local church accessible to every person in Ireland and here at home!
Click on the link below to give.

Thank you for your partnership in reaching the unreached for Christ!
- Tony & Lisa

On the move

Well, we are settled in Houston. The move from Tulsa went very smoothly as even our cat, Munchie, has adjusted well. Although it was difficult saying good-bye to friends and family, we know that God has wonderful things for us here in Texas and we look forward to continuing the work that He called us to so many years ago. With that said, we decided to hit the ground running and have already met with NPLHouston and church planting team members; we're looking forward to working alongside them to reach Houston for Christ. Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation and with the economy booming, an average of 200+ people move into the area every day! Also, Houston ranks highly in being on of the most ethnically diverse city in the country. There is so much opportunity here to reach the world by just stepping out our front door.

A lot is happening...As of this writing, we have our team from Canada on their way to County Mayo (Republic of Ireland) to share Jesus and serve the …

Return from Ireland and Exciting News!

Twelve years ago, we came on staff with e3 Partners! In that time, we have shared the Gospel, planted churches, trained disciples and help start an orphanage while working in countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Syria, Jordan, India, Nepal, Peru and Uganda. And of course, our recent work in Ireland as well as being part of the NoPlaceLeft network to reach Tulsa OK for Christ.  Being part of the e3 family is an amazing blessing for us! Every now and again, we comment to each other that this ministry is pretty much all we've known as a married couple. On June 3, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and if you include the several mission trips we did prior to e3 in 2004 & 2005...well, it really is what we've dedicated our lives and marriage to.  As we continue to serve Ireland with e3, God has opened another exciting door for us with Cypress Bible Church in Cypress (Houston) Texas where Tony has accepted a position as Outreach and Missions Pastor. Cypress Bible is a wonderfu…
Springing Into Action! A few weeks ago, we had a  time change. We are ready for spring, nice weather and the continued advance of God's Kingdom as we serve in Tulsa and Ireland.  Here are some highlights for the first quarter of 2018.
The Tulsa NoPlaceLeft network put on a Four Fields Intensive Training, hosted by Cedar Ridge Christian Church.  The NoPlaceLeft network is growing and making an impact across the Tulsa Metro area.  Tony was privileged to be able to play a small roll in the training there.On Feb. 23-24 we lead a training at St. Nicholas Church in Dundalk, Co. Louth Ireland.  The first day training was for leaders and the second for the church to learn how to reach their community for Christ.  Several church members came from other areas who will take this training back with them to other counties.There are huge opportunities to impact the Kingdom in the Hispanic communities across the US and Tulsa is no exception.  We've had the opportunity to cast vision with sev…