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2016 Year End Newsletter

A Year of Transition It is very difficult to believe 2016 is almost over. This has been a year of much transition and one of new opportunities. We have watched God do incredible things both in ministry and personally, that we continue to just stand in absolute awe of Him. He is truly a good, good Father! Thank you for your partnership in praying, giving and going.  We can't serve in ministry without you and we also know that 2017 will present many opportunities to serve our God and King. Ireland Needs the Gospel
Republic of Ireland   Northern Ireland Population: 4.8 million                                             Population: 1.8 million Evangelical Christian: 0.47% (Aontas)                    Evangelical Christian: 8%                                                                                  (NILTS 2004) Less than half of one percent of the Republic of Ireland are Born Again, Evangelical Christians. It is time for the gospel roots of Ireland to be awoken! The Celtic Chri…

Tulsa to Ireland: How to Reach the Nations Episode 165 - Tony Svendsen

I recently had an opportunity to do and interview about our mission work with Bryan Entzminger on the Engaging Missions Podcast.  If you would like to listen, here is the link:
God Bless!
Tony and Lisa Svendsen

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Poland Update

Poland Update...      We had  a great time in Poland, though the weather was cold with some rain, God was visibly on the move in Poland.  Though we were a small team we were able to accomplish some amazing things, only by the power of God, of course!  We held a training each day from 10 AM-Noon, then we went to a local University campus to do prayer walking while looking for opportunities to share the gospel.  We talked with 95 people, prayed for 58, shared the gospel with 53 and had 10 people make professions of faith in Jesus Christ. There were also three groups that were willing to meet for weekly Bible study to start the discipleship process in the goal to start forming the identity of a healthy church.  While this is exciting, the most exciting thing was the passion exhibited by our Polish leaders.  There were about 16 Polish leaders trained and we are confident that the work will continue on without us, which is always our goal. Our expeditions are never about what we can accom…

Why Ireland?

As we seek to develop a mission strategy for Ireland, I thought I would take a minute to answer the question: "If you could serve anywhere in the world, why Ireland?  Isn't Ireland already mainly a Christian nation?"  Our initial thought was the same, and then we visited Ireland after a mission trip to Africa.  We began to talk with people about the spiritual state of their country and we found that most people we talked with wanted nothing to do with their Christian heritage.  We found this interesting and after returning home, we did a little more research. 
 "Research published in 2006 by the Evangelical Alliance Ireland (EAI) shows that the number of evangelicals tripled from 10,000 in 1980 to 30,000 in 2006. However, evangelicals still make up less than 1 percent of Ireland's population. More than 60 percent of evangelical churches have started in the last 25 years; 40 percent in the last 10. Nearly half claim no denomination.”[i]
We began to talk with e3 Eur…

Summer Update


At the end of July, Tony officially stepped down from his part-time, bi-vocational position as pastor of New Life Church to focus 100% on missions and outreach. While we are at about 40% of our monthly support, we knew it was time to focus completely on what God has called us to do. This year has been amazing with all the opportunities we have had to help equip and evangelize. In June, we trained 10 people, also Tony spoke to cast vision of NPL with the TMBN (Tulsa Metro Baptist Network) which is a network of 161 Southern Baptist churches in the Tulsa area.  Many meetings have been set to do church trainings from that meeting. Our next one is August 5 & 6 at Crosspoint Baptist Church in Coweta OK.

It's official!!! Ireland has been approved as a country strategy for e3 Partners Ministry and Tony will serve as e3 Ireland Country Strategy Coordinator and Andrew Clements will serve as our e3 National Director.  We are…

2016 Svendsen's RISE Support Raising Video

Svendsen's May 2016 Ministry Update 
Greetings all, thank you for your prayers! They have been felt as we have had a busy couple months of ministry from Tulsa to Mexico to Ireland. (There and back again!)

Mexico: Tony had an opportunity to go to Rio Bravo Mexico to train a group of four pastors in methods of doing outreach and making disciples. We were able to go and implement some of the training by going door-to-door praying. During our prayer walking, we had the opportunity to pray for 11 homes, of which three opened up their homes for a Bible study and there was one person who committed their life to the Lord (Praise God!).They were very receptive to the training and we will most likely return for future training and outreach.

Ireland: Our trip to Ireland was an interesting one. We both learned a lot about the state of the church in Ireland. Starting in Dublin, we meet with Greater Europe Missions missionaries Phil and Cheryl Kingsley, who have been in Ireland for over thir…

Svendsen Ministry Update and Prayer

Greetings all, we have been busy as of late. God is really moving in some amazing ways and we're so excited to be a part of what He is doing. We just finished a No Place Left Tulsa training, which was held at New Life on April 1 and 2. There were about 30 in attendance and several other churches want to hold the training at their churches. The NPL Tulsa movement is gaining some national and international attention. We were recently highlighted on a podcast by Steve Addison of

The local Tulsa Metro Baptist Network has also just added four catalysts that will work to train network churches across the city, Tony was named as one of those trainers.


Please pray that other churches would catch the vision of learning how to share the gospel in a simple, biblical and reproducible way that leads to making disciples and even church planting.  We are still raising support and…

What's been going on...

Ministry -

The first two months of this year have been quite a whirlwind! Not only have we made the transition on to e3 Europe team, but we have hit the ground running with training, planning for and learning about the ministry in Europe, networking and local outreach.  Cedar Ridge Christian Church hosted a Level 1 & 2 T4T training in late January. This was part of an initiative in cooperation with multiple denominations across the city to launch No Place Left Tulsa.  Tony was part of the swarm training (the name they use when there are multiple teachers) and there were approximately 250 people in attendance. One of the neatest things about these training sessions, is actually going out into the harvest and sharing the Gospel!

                                  Tony teaching the Three Thirds Bible Study Method

                            Lisa participating in the sharing our testimony in 30 seconds

In late January, Tony attended the Mid-Level T4T training in Stuart Florida. This wa…

New Direction

The 6th century monastic site at Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains Ireland

We have some exciting news! As we have already said, we stepped down from e3 Team Uganda after 6 years...and now it is official...we have transitioned onto e3 Team Europe! So, where in Europe will we be serving? Our plan is to start in Ireland! Because e3 has not yet begun work in Ireland, we will be taking the vision trip in May to meet with churches and ministry leaders to develop a No Place Left (T4T) strategy. Because we are already part of a local Oklahoma No Place Left network, in which we are working together to implement T4T strategies, train churches and do outreach, we will be able to duplicate these same principles in Europe and our prayer is to lead teams to Ireland soon. Most of the time, the US and Europe get overlooked as mission fields, but as we all know, the western world is falling away from it's Christian fact, Europe pretty much already has. However, God is not…

Jesus said "go!"

Despite the cold temperatures,  15 of us from New Life Church went door to door in the neighborhood surrounding our church using the T4T strategy.  Our four teams knocked on 56 doors, were able to share the Gospel 5 times and, praise the LORD, we have three homes that are "green lights" which means they want someone to come back for further discussion or are interested in attending/starting a home group!
 Sharing the Gospel with the Three Circles method...easy way to share and very easily reproducible.

"May we be compelled by the Gospel"

This past week Tony was part of a panel discussion to introduce T4T strategies at the Tulsa Missions Movement.  The TMM is a Tulsa-wide, inter-demonational monthly meeting to discuss best practices in missions, mobilizing for missions and to cast a vision for the Tulsa area believers partnering together to reach, by God's power, 100 unreached people groups by the year 2040.

From left to right:  Bryan King of Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Broken Arrow OK, Mike Lehew of Foundations Church in Sapulpa OK, Tony representing e3 Partners and Jacob Bice of Memorial Baptist Church in Tulsa.

No Place Left Oklahoma

This past Thursday evening, a group of about 16 people from various locations around Oklahoma met for dinner at a restaurant here in Tulsa. The purpose of this get together was to network, encourage and find out what God is doing around our state. Everyone there was committed to the #NoPlaceLeft movement here in Oklahoma...and what a blessing it was! In attendance were people from various walks of life: missionaries, pastors, mothers, people in job transition, blue collar workers, retirees...and each at various stages of participation in the #NoPlaceLeft movement. We were so encouraged to hear stories of the challenges and difficulties of sharing the Gospel and making disciples in the western context, but also the successes in the advancement of the Gospel. The level of commitment this small group has is wonderful! For example, one new church plant of only 8 people, have made a commitment of sharing the Gospel 250 times a month...last month, while they were very encouraged, they were…